New Beginnings Workshop - 14th June 2020

New Beginnings Workshop - 14th June 2020



Wander & Solas Photography + Andie and Ollie Photography

@ Karma Collab Hub, Miami QLD


Wanting to take your photos to the next level and learn how to take full control of your camera and shoot in manual mode? Learn the basics of exposure and the fundamentals of photography to be able to take more professional photos! 


A full day workshop with activities and visual learning ending with an outdoor sunset session to put your new skills to practice! 


Just a few modules that will be spoken about:


- exposure triangle 

- exposure breakdown

- shooting in RAW

- white balance/kelvin

- composition

- lighting

- choosing a location

- lens choice

- prompting/posing

- styling

- editing


Bianca + Kirstie both strive for a natural, more unposed representation to their work. During this workshop we will help you to let go of those "safe" posing prompts and to really find your why when you are photographing someone. 


Upon purchase of this workshop - you will not only get a full day of learning and the opportunity to ask the burning questions you so deeply want answered.. you will also get:


- An invite to a private Facebook group where we will discuss modules and gather information from you to tailor your experience leading up to the workshop and also receive help and guidance after the workshop.

-  A take-home booklet with photo examples and segments that will be spoken about in the workshop.

- Hands on experience throughout the day including a sunset beach photo session at the end of the workshop.

- Post workshop activities to practice your new skills.

- A dedicated time at the end of the workshop to ask any questions.

- Support after the workshop. 

- Morning tea and lunch provided!



Your own DSLR camera should be brought along so you can take full advantage of this workshop. Food and drink provided.