Why Choose An In-Home Documentary Session?

Would you choose an in-home session over an outdoor location to capture some family photos?

I know a lot of people would instantly think "my house isn't Instagram worthy" or "my yard isn't pretty enough"... let me stop you right there.

Think back to the photos of you as a child. I am going to take a wild guess and say that there is nothing "special" about them. Most of them are probably in your backyard, or in your childhood home, in some outfit that your mum thought was the bomb-diggity back then, just living your best life.

My point is - I guarantee you don't look at those photos and think "jeez they'd look better if we were at a park for that photo". In fact I bet you hadn't even noticed the messy lounge room in the background or the state your yard was in. What you connect with in that photo is the moment. The memory. The feeling.

Capturing your family at home tells way more of a story than it does with you standing in the middle of a park that has no connection to your family in any way, shape or form. Don't get me wrong, these images are still beautiful and up until recently - this has been the majority of my work for family portraits. If there is one thing that I can thank COVID-19 for - it would be that it took my blinders off when it comes to in-home sessions!! Typically for an in-home session I focused on just a few things. Maybe some sweet photos in your child's nursery and then some in your lounge room perhaps all cuddled on the lounge.

By doing these in-home sessions through this interesting time of the Rona, I have absolutely fallen in love with how much you can actually capture at home and just how much more authentic and real these images are compared to family portraits at a park for example.

Another plus to in-home sessions? Your kids are more relaxed!! If that isn't a huge incentive for you, I don't know what will be! The kids who are typically shy and cautious to strangers - feel relaxed and at ease with having someone point a big camera near them than if they were at an unfamiliar environment.

You don't have to be in fancy clothes, looking all polished and perfect in a beautiful park to make amazing memories. Don't get caught up in today's expectations of perfection. Perfection doesn't exist and I want to capture your version of life. The real and authentic one.

Much love,

Bianca x

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