Why Have an Engagement/Couples Shoot Before Your Wedding?

Why choose to invest in an engagement/couples shoot prior to your wedding you may ask? There's a few reasons! And not just to gain some fucking dope images to celebrate your love!

Here's a few!

  1. When you hire a wedding photographer - you want to make sure you aren't booking them purely off their prices or style. You need to feel comfortable with them and know that you will be happy you chose them because at the end of the day, you will be spending basically your entire wedding day with them along side you and your partner. An engagement session allows you to get a handle for how they work, how they interact with you and will give you a good indication of how your wedding day will feel while having them there. If you don't vibe with them - I highly suggest you find someone else.

  2. The images from your engagement session give you a great opportunity to use beautiful and current images of the two of you for your save the dates, invitations, thank you cards etc! This gives you such a great personal touch to your wedding stationary and your guests will be sure to keep them as a little token from your wedding.

  3. Get a little more comfortable being in front of the camera. This one is especially good for those who are a little anxious about having to "pose" for photos on their wedding day. Having a little test run with your photographer by way of an engagement session, enables you to really relax on your wedding day knowing exactly what to expect.

  4. Capturing more of your love story than just your wedding day! Yes on your wedding day, you have beautiful clothes on and your hair and makeup is professionally done.. but this surely isn't a true representation of the people you truly are, right!? An engagement shoot is a great way to capture some everlasting memories of the two of you in a more natural way. If you love the beach - do a beach session! If you guys love being up in the mountains and in jeans and t-shirts - do that!

  5. You get to see your photographers work prior to your big day. Figure out what shots you do love and which ones aren't so important to you.

  6. Less stress and more awesomeness! Having an engagement shoot will ultimately reduce your stress for your big day. You won't have to stay wide awake at night freaking out over how to pose or how you awkward you think you may be in front of the camera. Once you see your images from your engagement shoot and realise how easy and stress free it was - it will put your mind at ease! Obviously this makes for an even more awesome (is that even good English haha) experience for your wedding day! Let's be honest, one less thing you have to worry about on your wedding day, is by far worth it, don't you think!?

So! They are just a few of the reasons why an engagement shoot is such a great idea. And if you aren't convinced... just keep scrolling 😉

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