Adriana & Bernard's Samoan Gold Coast Wedding

Well... If there were ever the cutest couple who deserved all the happiness in the world - it'd be this pair!!! Adriana & Bernard. The most gentle, kind and fun loving people and boy did they put on a day for themselves and all their (400+) guests!

Their day was set on the Gold Coast, Australia with the most glorious day ahead of them! Starting with the groom and his 13 groomsmen, Amy (from Amy Philps Photography who kindly 2nd shot for me) and I walked into a hotel room with a lot of bodies in it 🤣 Between the 13 groomsmen, the groom himself, videographers and some extra family members - it's safe to say the day was FILLED with love for Adriana & Bernard already. The boys excitedly and nervously got ready to gear up for the big day.

Once we got the boys sorted - off to Adriana and her 13 bridesmaids we went! I vividly remember the stress of trying to find a car park near Adriana's hotel room in the middle of a busy Saturday morning on the Gold Coast 😂 Goodness me that place can be busy on the weekends haha!

Adriana and her bridesmaids looked so beautiful! We arrived just as makeup and hair were on the tail end of being complete. Getting Adriana dressed with the help of her dear sister was emotional! You could just see the love and support they have for one another and that this moment in time was such a significant one not only for Adriana but for her sister as well. Once everyone was ready - the girls joined hands forming a circle and began singing and praying. Wow. This moment was beyond beautiful. To be honest - I was a big ball of tears behind my camera at this stage haha. The love oozing from this room was indescribable!!

Adriana and Bernard's ceremony was just perfect. The love and well wishes that were poured over them with so much joy and praise was something I will never forget.

After the ceremony we headed to the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens for some golden hour bridal portraits! 😍 We cruised around with my portable speaker dancing to some good vibes and took some incredible intimate shots of just the two of them together.

The minute the MC announced the bridal party into the reception hall - I knew this was going to be a fun night! I don't think there was one single person in that room that didn't know how to bust a move on that d-floor! 😍

While Amy and I scoffed our faces with food for a hot minute - we noticed that Adriana and Bernard had snuck away for quite a while and were wondering where they had got to... well... next thing you know they come out dancing and just all round freaking celebrating their love dressed in traditional Samoan outfits and performing the traditional dance called Siva Samoa. The entire room of 400+ people were cheering and celebrating right there with them and I couldn't imagine a better end to their perfect day!

I absolutely LOVED the heck out of witnessing Adriana and Bernard getting hitched!! I am beyond grateful they chose me to capture their special day they will forever be etched into my heart for the rest of time! ❤

Scroll down to see their beautiful day. xx

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