A Birth. From start to finish ⭐

Birth photography is so much more than just receiving some images of you giving birth.

It shows the love in the room. The determination in the room. The support in the room. The journey you go through whether you are already a mother or you're about to become a mother for the first time.

These images show all of the above and so much more than words just cannot describe. This dad's support for his partner was a true testament to their love. He was with her for every second of the way. Every contraction, he was there. Every need, he was there. Every push, he was there.

For some, like this mum in these images, intervention can be needed. Sometimes that can be scary for a woman. Not knowing exactly what is happening, not having full knowledge of the tools or equipment that has been used throughout her birthing journey. This is where birth photography not only is a collection of wonderful memories captured forever, but also becomes a birth tool itself! Mothers get to look back on what their body did, what they accomplished, and what was done to help them along their way to motherhood.

My first ever birthing client had planned for a homebirth. Her journey was tough and her ending was not what she had planned. She ended her birth experience with a hospital transfer and a cesarean, which is a far cry from the homebirth she had planned. Please don't misunderstand me, I am in no way poo pooing on hospital or cesarean births!!! But for my birth client, it was a traumatic ordeal for her to go through with her first baby. I met with her a few months after she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl and she told me that after her birth she felt like a "useless excuse of a woman". To hear that she thought of herself like that, saddened me deeply. But in her next breath she said that my images had shown her just how strong she was throughout her labour. That my images had given her peace and helped her to heal after her traumatic experience.

That right there, not only made my day, but made my goddamn life! To know that I had helped a woman through a hard time like that just brings me so much joy, I cannot even explain!

I know to many, birth photography is still such a weird concept. But if there was one thing I could tell anyone who was thinking of having a birth photographer, it would be.... I have never had a birth client regret having me at their birth but you may just regret not having one!

Scroll down to see a glimpse into a recent client of mine birthing gallery! This little bub was a Mother's Day baby!!!! What a wonderful present! 😍

[Disclaimer: Birthing images below. If you are going to be offended by a vaginal birth, one of the most natural things on earth, then please just move along. Ain't nobody got time for haters!]

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